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Istanbul Trekking

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All About The Istanbul Trekking

King Trekking of Turkey

1 day:

Arrival in İstanbul, transfer to hotel and check-in.

2 day:

Walk past the hotel, passing the big bazaar towards Sultanahmet Square. Here we will visit in chronological order the sights of the once, socially important meeting places of different epochs (Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman). The Egyptian Obelisk, the serpent column, the Constantine column, the German fountain etc. Immediately afterwards visit the approx. 400 years Sultan Ahmet Mosque. Visit one of the most fascinating and largest sacral buildings in the world today. The HAGİA SOPHİA surrounded by legends. After lunch in the old Ottoman city district of Kadırga, we continue with the visit of the Byzantine cistern. They will be astonished at the extent.
We end the day with the visit of the Egyptian or the big bazaar. Walk to the hotel, get ready for dinner at the Bosphorus !!!

Day 3:

Today we start with the road to Eminönü. From there we go on to visit the city districts of Balat, Ayvansaray and Fener. These city districts are still known for the Armenian and Jewish communities of the city, as well as the bankers who were in charge of the financial system and lived here.
Today the synagogues and the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate are here. The walk in the narrow streets past synagogues and churches will make their sense of time disappear. Lunch in a traditional "Lokanta" for İstanbulis. Past the 150 years old Bulgarian church, with ewt. Visit, go along the golden horn back to Eminönü. On boat, and a 2 hour bosphorus ride is announced. Then take the tram to the hotel. Dinner in Kumkapi, former Armenian quarter. Today known for its fish restaurants.

İstanbul Trekking
Day 4:

By taxi a 20 min. Drive to Edirnekapi. There, one of the churches of the world, fascinatingly mosaic-faced by the history of art, awaits us, incredibly beautiful and interesting. From here we go to Galata and lunch under Galata Bridge. In the afternoon we will take a walk from Pera to Taksim Square. There is not much to tell about this place. The best thing I do with a cozy beer on the stroll on the promenade. Afterwards, we will pass through Besiktas to Galata and will be served on the min.700-year-old Galata Tower for dinner.

İstanbul Trekking - Menatur 2017
Day 5:

Today's tram goes to Besiktas. Visit the Dolmabahce Palace where the last 4 Sultans ruled. As we are going to have lunch on one of the Princes Islands, we will travel from Eminönü by ferry to Büyükada. We will travel about 1 hour on the Marmara Sea to reach Büyükada. The largest island under the Princes Islands. A carriage ride is available to us after lunch. Nice that no motorized vehicles are allowed here. For dinner, take the ferry back to Eminönü, then take the bus (dolmusch) over the Bosphoros bridge to Asia! Dinner on the Çamlica hill overlooking the European side. So we finish our İstanbul sightseeing.

Day 6:

DURATION: 5 nights / 6 days
PRICE: 609 € PP. in Dbl - from € 779 per week Sngl.


Transfer (airport-hotel-airport), overnight (5 nights), breakfast (5 times), tour guide, tax and VAT.