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Cappadocia Tours

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All About The Cappadocia Tours

Cappadocia Trekking

Cappadocia wonders of nature

Duration of the tour: 8 days Best season: March - October
Number of participants: At least 6; maximum of 16 people
Hotel: 7 nights

Day 1: Antalya

Arrival in Antalya and continue to the group hotel in the old Kaleici. Overnight at hotel. (- / - / A)
Travel time: approx. 15/20 min .; Travel distance: about 15km (Antalya Airport - Kaleici Antalya)
1 night in Antalya at Hotel Aspen - (www.aspenhotel.com.tr) - or hotel same standards and same category

Day 2: Antalya - Konya - Mevlana Museum - Cappadocia

After common breakfast we leave Antalya and drive over Konya to Cappadocia.
Our journey today takes about 8 hours. On the way we visit the city of Konya. The original name of the city of Ikonion has been documented since the 4th century BC. It is the Hellenized form of a probably already Luvian name. The symbol of the city is the mausoleum of Mevlana Dschalal ad-Din Rumi, the founder of the Mevlevi order, today a museum and pilgrimage site of religious Muslims and followers of Sufism. After visiting the Mevlana Museum, we continue to Cappadocia. (F / M / A)
Travel time: approx. 8/9 hours; Length: approx. 541km (Antalya - Cappadocia (Göreme) via Konya)
MenaTur Cappadocia Tours
5 nights in Cappadocia (Goreme) in the Natural Park Cave - (www.natureparkhotel.com) - or hotel same standards and same category.

Konya Mevlana Semazen

Day 3: Akvadi (White Valley) - Caves Fortress of Uchisar - Pigeon Valley - Goreme

We drive about 10-15 minutes to our starting point of our today's hike in the Akvadi valley. The Akvadi Valley, or the White Valley, is particularly distinguished by its tall and slender fairy chimneys and its numerous shrubs and vines. The Akvadi valley leads us directly into the village Uchisar. Here we visit the Uchisar Castle, a kind of rock fortress consisting of caves. The Uchisar Fortress is especially famous for its panoramic view and offers the most beautiful view over Cappadocia. You can even see Mt. Erciyes with a clear view. After the lunch in Uchisar, we walk through the Pigeon Valley, named after the countless pigeons in the cave settlements, back to Göreme. In the evening there is the option of a Turkish bath (hamam). (F / M / A)
Total walking time: approx. 4/5 hours; Hiking trail: approx. 10 km; Ascent: approx. 286m; Descent: about 240m

Cappadoci Turkey Trekking and Ballon Tours

Day 4: Goreme - Meskendir Valley - Red Valley - Rose Valley - Cavusin - Goreme

We begin our hike in the Meskendir Valley, follow the Meskendir path which leads us into a complex of ancient caves of Christian Civilization which once settled here. From the Meskendir Valley, we cross over into the Red Valley (Red Canyon). In the Red Valley we visit the hidden 'Hacli (Cross)' and 'Üchacli (three cross)' churches (between Red and Rose Valley). These two churches date from the 7th century. and were carved into the rocks. The decorative frescos and reliefs were only worked in the 10th and 11th century. We continue our hike to Cavusin, one of the first Christian villages in Cappadocia. There is the possibility to visit the Zelve Open Air Museum in the late afternoon, which is only 10 min. from Cavusin. Accommodation as on the evening before in Göreme. (F / M / A)
Total walking time: approx. 5/6 hours; Hiking trail: approx. 11km; Ascent: approx. 82m; Descent: about 134m

Day 5: Cappadocia - Goreme - Derinkuyu - Ihlara Valley - Selime Cathedral - Goreme

After the common breakfast we drive (about 2 hours) with our bus to Ihlara. On the way to Ihlara lies the underground city of Derinkuyu which we will visit. It was used to spread Christianity and persecute Christians as hiding-places and protection from hostile attacks. Discovered up to 8.
Floors 50 to 60m below the ground. It was estimated that Derinkuyu could house several thousand people. Then continue to Ihlara. The Ihlara Valley runs along the Melendiz River, with its steep walls (100-150m) and its rich flora and fauna. This canyon was also one of the habitats of the first Christians and is famous for its numerous churches and cave settlements. The Daniel Church (or Agacalti Church), the Kokar Church and the Yilanli (Snakes) Church are just some of the famous churches in the Ihlara Gorge, decorated with rich and colorful frescoes. Around noon we arrive in Belisirma and will enjoy our lunch in one of the beautiful restaurants along the Melendiz river. Subsequent transfer (about 15 minutes) to Selime Cathedral, a labyrinth of caves and corridors in a huge rock complex. Then we return to Goreme. (F / M / A)
Travel time: approx. 1/2 hrs; Travel length: approx. 90km; (Cappadocia (Goreme) - Ihlara via Derinkuyu)
Total walking time: approx. 4/5 hours; Distance: approx. 14km; Ascent: approx. 0m; Descent: about 113m

Selime Cathedral Turkey

Day 6: Zemi Valley - El Nazar Church - Freilichtmuseum of Göreme - Pasabaglari

Approximately 10 min. our transfer will take you to the starting point of our hike through the Zemi Valley. From here we walk about 2 hours in this beautiful valley, surrounded by hidden caves dwellings until we reach the El Nazar church. After the visit of El Nazar church we go in about 10 minutes. distant Göreme Open Air Museum, the most famous of its kind in Cappadocia, which, together with other rock monuments of Cappadocia, belongs to the world cultural and natural heritage since 1985. The open-air museum of Göreme houses the most impressive and beautiful frescoes of the early Christian cave churches. The Tokali church, St. Basileo's chapel and the Karanlik (dark) church are among the most beautiful of their kind. Overnight stay in the same hotel as in the evening before. (F / M / A)
Total walking time: approx. 2 hours; Distance: approx. Km; Ascent: approx. M; Descent: approx

Day 7: Cappadocia - Caravanserai of Sultanhani - Antalya

Today we say goodbye to Cappadocia and drive back to Antalya. On the way we visit the caravanserai of Sultanhani. Founded in 1229 by the Seljuk ruler Kai Kobad I, it grew rapidly, due to its central position on the historic Silk Road and on the Seljuk caravan route, and is now the largest caravanserai in Kleinasien. It is entered through a richly ornamented portal in the north-east, and reaches a rectangular courtyard, in the center of which is a small mosque. The entrance to the entrance to the entrance to the entrance is the stables, the floor area of ​​which again corresponds approximately to the courtyard size. The roof vaults of the stables carry 32 columns, which divide the space into several ships. Then we continue to Antalya. Antalya was built according to ancient tradition 158 BC, Founded by King Attalos II of Pergamum. According to him, it was named Attaleia. It was the most important port in the wider area in the 1st century AD, probably around the year 48 AD. The center of the Biblical Apostle Paul (Acts 14.25 f.) In the Middle Ages it was mostly known as Satalia. We spend the night at Kaleici in a hotel. (F / M / A)
Cappadocian houses samples
Travel time: approx. 8/9 hours; Length: approx. 541km (Cappadocia (Göreme) - Antalya via Konya)
1 night in Antalya at Hotel Aspen - (www.aspenhotel.com.tr) - or hotel same standards and same category.

Caravanserai of Sultanhani

Day 8: Antalya - return home

Transfer to Antalya Airport and return home. (F / - / -)
Travel time: approx. 15/20 min .; Travel distance: about 15km (Kaleici Antalya - Antalya Airport)

The price includes:

German-speaking licensed culture travel guide
All transfers and transports to destinations detailed in the detailed program with private minibus (A / C) (buses depending on group size)
Accommodation in the hotel (half board)
(Important note: HP dinner service available in hotels only until 21:00)
2 nights in Antalya at Hotel Aspen - (www.aspenhotel.com.tr)
5 nights in Cappadocia (Goreme) in the Natural Park Cave - (www.natureparkhotel.com)
(Or hotels same standards and same category)
7 x breakfast, 6 x lunch, 7 x dinner
One-time transfers in Antalya (from / to the airport / hotel days 1/8)
Cappadocian Night
The price does not include:

Travel insurance and travel cancellation
In and outbound flights
Entrance fee for museums, historical sites and visits of all kinds
Meals of all kinds not included in the program
Soft and alcoholic beverages of all kinds, bottled water, tea & coffee
Personal expenses of all kinds
Optional activities (ballooning, Turkish bath (Turkish bath, Turkish night, etc.)
Extra and all transfers not listed in the program
Extra & Single room nights