Turkey Rent a Car, Antalya Rent a Car and more..

As Menatur, "car rental" services with hundreds of the latest model vehicles position renewed our own and each year, we offer different options to ease your booking


The point where you take your car with you submit different (picked up from Antalya to Alanya as leaving) the resulting price difference between the "drop" is called. Menatur offers car rental services in the same city, leaving sağlanmank free tools to different offices. "drop" and you can call us for price information HERE.

The rental car will be delivered to your address free

When you make your car bookings, "address delivered to" the text you see in all of our yararlanabilirsiz this service. Moreover, the vehicle without paying any additional charges home, workplace, hotel or resort will be delivered on time to the local address made.

Navigation & Baby Seat

Recipe to go equipped with the latest technologies that address the navigation system provides time savings in the first place you go. For the safety of your little baby "baby seat" is an absolute necessity. Antalya, Alanya, Gazipasa, Manavgat, Side, for vehicles to get from Belek and Kemer, the navigation device and baby seat when booking can forward your request and may add a note or telephone our customer service. Device and baby seat, is in addition to the daily rental fee, payment is paid by the customer as an option.

VIP Service

Menatur is, it had the privilege of feeling for VIP guests! Your business or leisure travel to enjoy a luxurious and exclusive tool that will allow you to more easily adapt to your business, you will also gain prestige prestige. Provision of vehicles can be rates according to your preference.