Our Corporate Culture

At MenaTur, we are aware that our employees are our colleagues, our most important source for us to provide quality service to our guests and to make them a "dreamer's holiday". Since our establishment, we have been working with our new friends who work shoulder to shoulder and join us in new ways to incorporate corporate culture and new behaviors and objectives brought by changing country and world conditions.

Current Job Application

Your CVs, which you have been sent by MenaTur Human Resources Department, are recorded in our systems within the framework of criteria such as knowledge, skill, level of education, work experience.

foresight studies

The process of interviewing starts in the direction of your qualifications and open staff. Candidates who meet our core competencies and the functional competencies required by the assignment will take one step forward and make an appointment for the second interview.

Psychometric tests and you

Psychometric tests such as general ability, personality, psychology are applied according to the nature of the task you will take in MenaTur.

Mission proposal

Congratulations to the candidates who have successfully passed the first and second interview process up to now and whose psychometric test results are appropriate, are being offered a job offer. An answer letter is sent to candidates who can not be assessed in any position.

Our training

Our aim in our education is to develop the necessary competencies both in the field and in the duties of our new working colleagues, primarily in the company and other colleagues, adapting business culture, and on the principle of continuous development. Through seminars, training abroad and project-related trainings, it is aimed to follow developments in the sector and changing world conditions.

Work and productivity trainings at MenaTur
  1. Project-related trainings
  2. Training abroad
  3. Development training
  4. Seminars
  5. Initial training
  6. Orientation training
  7. Performance Evaluation System

In our performance and evaluation system that is based on competence and target, our goal is to provide target determinations together with the managers of each employee, to put forward development plans with performance interviews, and to plan the education for the next year by determining issues such as the training needs determined. The system in which executives are gathered and where open interviews are held is one of the indicators of our understanding of transparent management.