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We have developed our modest business in 1997, Muratpaşa, Antalya, as our new business center Mena Center in order to provide better and higher quality service in the second half of 2014. The most important factor for us to step into the respected tourism agencies of Turkey is the professional and high quality service we show our country to the foreign tourists coming from the country and the domestic holiday resorts from within the country. 'Turkish hospitality' was our compass. Because they were our guests, and always will be.

MENA TOURISM LTD.STI., Which has been serving in the tourism sector since 1997, is growing day by day with its corporate and individual customer satisfaction and references. MENA TUR With its prestigious corporate identity, strong financial structure and well-equipped staff in its field, with the pride of reaching the day-to-day without sacrificing quality policy by adding the Agency and Transportation fields to the service fan that started with Car Rental and Real Estate areas in order to give you the service that you deserve, Continues to provide services.

Mena Tur Antalya

Rent a Car, Airport Shuttle, VIP Car Service / Antalya Turkey

In the rapidly developing service sector, respecting human beings and nature, being able to perceive the needs and demands of customers beyond the expectations and beyond, to adhere to the promise of sustainable tourism and to the promises we make and to adhere to our every quality of service, tourism legislation, laws and regulations as our quality policy We are proud that 2011 will leave behind 2011 without compromising our quality policy with 150 cars and 45 vehicles in transportation and 300 cars in 2011. We are proud of raising the fleet of transportation by 150 vehicles and increasing the Incoming, Outgoing and Domestic market by 25,000. Our respect...

Since 1997, Mena Tur Muratpasa / Antalya / Turkey

Ever since MENA TOURISM LTD.STI. was founded in 1997, every organization has been presented to businesses and individuals that have honest and reliable products and services in order to have a say in Turkish tourism. Since its establishment, MenaTur has become a tour operator who has experienced in the field, experienced and professional staff and has grown rapidly and has been unheard of in the travel industry in the domestic sector and has a mission to pass the misconceptions.

Mena Tour markets more than 10,000 hotels throughout Turkey, and these hotels offer the first stage information perfectly on vacation in the internet environment.

Commercial Information
Chamber of Commerce and Number: ANTALYA-73363 / TURKEY
Tax Office: Large Taxpayer Office
Tax Number: 6140563098
Subscribed Capital: 1.010.000 TL
Paid-in Capital: 1.010.000 TL
Tourizm Agency Certificate Number: 7093
Board of Directors
Chairman of the Board Hasan Kud Rabbah
Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Yusuf Evliyaoğlu